The Floodwood - Choiced for a Working Forest History
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The Earliest Years Blister Rust, Log Drives and Foresters - Management Begins Sustainability Becomes the Goal Things Are Different Today
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Picture of logger sawing tree.
Even though this part of Idaho has only been settled for about one hundred years, the Floodwood has seen a lot of history. During that time, settlers came here and homesteaded. There were fires. Land ownerships changed and we saw the Department of Lands employ the most up-to-date management techniques.

History is important if you are the manager of forest lands, because how the forest looks today is usually the product of what happened to it in the past. In this section, you can learn about four periods in the history of the Floodwood - "The Earliest Years", "Blister Rust, Log Drives and Foresters - Management Begins", "Sustainability Becomes the Goal", and "Things are Different Today". Here is how you do that.

First, make sure you have QuickTime installed on your computer. If not, it’s a free download from the link provided here. Then, click on the period of history that you want to review. We suggest doing them in sequence. Clicking on them will start a short slide show, with pictures depicting events in the Floodwood and narration explaining them.

When you're through viewing the "History" stories, choose "Explore with Marianne & Tiny" to begin your interactive exploration.